Vegetarian Chickpea Salad

Summer is coming!

After a long Winter, it’s time to start thinking about healthy, easy and fresh recipes for the Summer.

The secret for a basic delicious and nutritious salad is to toss together a few ingredients.

These are the basics steps to achieve the perfect salad combo:

  1. Add a salad base: salad mixture with lettuce, spinach, rocket.
  2. Add your veggies: tomatoes, red onions, broccoli, asparagus, cucumber.
  3. Add your fiber: carrots, peppers, chickpeas, avocado, aubergine, mushrooms.
  4. Add your protein: meat (grilled chicken, turkey, lean beef), fish (tuna, salmon, shrimp), cheese, eggs or vegetables (lentils, quinoa, sweet potato or beans).
  5. Add goodies: olives, nuts, seeds.
  6. Season: olive oil, lemon, lime, fresh herbs, dried herbs, salt, pepper.

For our salad, we decided to go for a basic 7 ingredient combination.

Basics: Salad mixture, red onion, cherry tomatoes, boiled egg, cucumber, olives, chickpeas, coriander and lime.


Total time: 10m

Author: Honest Onion
Recipe type: Lunch & Dinner
Serves: 2


  • 1/2 red onion
  • 1 tin of chickpeas
  • 1 handful of pitted olives
  • 6 cherry tomatoes
  • 1/3 cucumber
  • 1 large egg (or 2 small ones)
  • 1 lime juice
  • Coriander
  • Paprika
  • Dry oregano and basil
  • Salt and pepper



  1. Start by pre-heating the oven at 180ºC. Spread the chickpeas on a tray, season with paprika, salt and pepper, and let it roast for 20 minutes. (This 1st step is optional. If you prefer just open the tin, drain the water and add the chickpeas directly to your salad base.)
  2. Place a small saucepan with water and bring it to the boil. Add the egg and let it cook while you do the rest of the cooking.
  3. In a large bowl add 100gr of your salad leafs.
  4. Start chopping: the red onion, cucumber and the tomatoes. Add it to your salad leaf base.
  5. Add the olives and the chickpeas.
  6. Drain the water of saucepan and hold the egg under cold running water for 1 minute. Crack the egg and remove the shell along with the thin membrane so you get a perfect whole egg.
  7. Add the coriander, dry herbs, salt, pepper and the lime juice.
  8. Sprinkle a few roasted pine nuts for extra crunch and flavor.
  9. Mix everything together and serve.


And here you have it. The 1st of a few 10 minute fresh and healthy salads that we will share this Summer.

Now we only need the sun!

Please share your ideas and comments. If you try any of the recipes please tag us or use #honestonion.



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